The popular series started on Cartoon Network in 2011, and ran for only two seasons with 23 episodes in each one. The story-lines of both seasons were fairly interlinked, although alot of the episodes were in the ‘villain of the week’ theme who would then add to a roster of a villain team-up. The treatment of the character was faithful to the source material, and portrayed them perfectly. It was also another great example of a children/young adult show that dealt with death and post traumatic stress in a serious manner and not an offhanded theme. (The other example being Big Hero 6) The general design of each costume was modern and slick, but still stayed true to their comic counterparts. What we’re basically getting at is that it was regarded as a great television series by comic-book readers and general viewers alike. So why is it that Cartoon Network cancelled the popular series?

Supposedly it’s because too many younger girls liked the show, and that network executives felt that the female attention was being pulled away from the other ‘gendered media’ that was catered towards young girls. Madness. A recent Twitter campaign have been trying to show the executives that there is a huge audience that wish to see the series revived and continued. As previously mentioned, it’s held in high regards amongst comic-book fans for being a serious adaptation of the popular comic-book series of the same name.

There are plenty of directions that the series could take, including the re-emergence of Kid Flash or continuing the Impulse character taking up the mantle. Then there’s also a very small villain who was introduced right before the cancellation…who goes by the name of Darkseid. A whole season dedicated to fighting Darkseid as the ‘big bad’ would be intensely fantastic. We’ve only ever seen Darkseid in a few select animated movies and episodes of other animated series, so a whole series would be eye-opening. It would also introduce mainstream audiences to the character, allowing the DC Cinematic Universe use him when they need to.

So that’s our take on the Young Justice Revival… Bring it back! Agree with us? Let us know on Twitter @HeroesDirect!

Young Justice


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