Read the title again, that’s exactly what you’re doing – guessing. It’s been a couple of weeks since the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, and everybody is still mustering up their own version of the events that occurred.

Now, this is obviously what the writers of the show want, people speculating and obsessing over their favourite character’s meeting their end. It’s plain to see by how the ending was filmed that there’s not a definitive resolution – oh, and showrunners have even commented about how they don’t know (though I guess they’d pretty much have to say that or they’d get mobbed instantly). So to the rational-minded individual, it’s pretty clear that this is just a perfect cliffhanger.

Was it Daryl

Was it Daryl?

As many as 70% of the tweets discussing the final episode were negative, so it’s pretty much pure hatred that’s fueling fans desire to work out the ending of the cliffhanger. The thing is, there’s a 6 month wait until Season 7 premieres, and we can guarantee you could watch the episode each and every day without finding out who it was – it’s simple, it hasn’t been decided.

This hasn’t stopped fans creating videos containing detailed analysis and “scientific” reasoning to explain their assumption though; they’ve been slowing down clips, enhancing audio (which has been put together perfectly by the team behind the show), and even using the placement of the trees to deduct possibilities.

The writers will base their decision based on the reaction of the fans, hoping to cause the biggest uproar possible to bring in as many viewers as they can – and it’s completely understandable (and annoying). So to sum up this rambling, we’d just like to warn you that you’re wasting your time – time that could be spent watching the spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead!


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