Captain Cold will not be a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow for Season 2.

Whilst we’re sad to see one of the better actors of the show leave, it means that he’ll be able to bounce around the different DC shows as much as possible. Whilst we know that his exit on the show looked like he won’t be able to return, since this is a comic book universe and time travel is involved, anything could happen. Greg Berlanti stated this when asked about the departure of the star: One of joys and advantages is that it allows us to change in success who is on The Waverider and not, Flash and Arrow are very much about building one team, while there is an anthology element to Legends.

So what it looks like is that the team will change for each season… Vixen, Constantine, Golden Glider, Jonah Hex anyone? We’d love to see the dynamic between Constantine and Jonah Hex, they’d be an interesting on-screen duo. Sarcastic English bloke meets tough-as-nails Western Gunslinger… Legends of Tomorrow needs to make this happen.

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