Season 7, Episode 2.

After the seventh season’s traumatic premiere, the writers clearly anticipated that audiences would need a bit of a pick-me-up episode. And ‘The Well’ does so brilliantly. It introduces us to King Ezekiel, The Kingdom and Ezekiel’s pet Tiger, Shiva. Yeah, you read that right. Is there anything this show won’t do? It’s certainly ballsy, especially for an episode that is relatively light of action and craziness. That’s not to say that all is well, as The Saviours have extended their greedy paws to Ezekiel’s land, causing trouble for Morgan. We’re already beginning to see the seeds that Rick and Ezekiel might work together.

It’s a surprisingly funny episode in places. With Carol in disbelief at how The Kingdom works and how everyone treats it in a sense like it’s an old-time medieval land. Even Ezekiel himself speaks like he’s jumped from the pages of a George R.R. Martin novel. But then later on, the writers of The Walking Dead address that tiny detail in an interesting way whilst he discusses his history with Carol. Do we see a potential romance between the two on the horizon? It’s been a while since Carol has found any form of permanent happiness afterall.

The second episode of The Walking Dead’s seventh season proves to be self-aware, and considerably uplifting after that harrowing experience of the premiere. It’s definitely what the series needed to stop it from becoming consistently down-beat. This is an episode considerably slower, but it’s analysis of it’s characters is spot on and genuinely captivating. It’s the smaller character moments that truly show has masterful the series can be at times. It’s not always the big crazy set pieces that matter the most, but simple conversation. Although, we can’t wait to see a little more of Shiva in action. What’s not to love about a pet Tiger?

8.8 Light hearted

A great introduction to King Ezekiel and The Kingdom

  • King Ezekiel + Shiva 10
  • Plot 8
  • Character development 8.5

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