Season 3, Episode 1.

Adapted from the books and graphic novels by Guillermo Del Toro – it’s easy to see his style and flair seep into the televised version of The Strain. Boy oh boy, is it one creepy show. And the beginning of the third season is no exception. Right from the first minute it’s clear that the writers have no intention of slowing down the horror aspect of the show. And seeing a vampirised Zack made for unsettling viewing (don’t worry, it’s not what you think), but even though it’s a stereotypical starting point for the narrative it still manages to surprise it’s audience.

The episode sees the government start to take our protagonists a little more seriously, and now that they have that support – it’s vampire hunting season. And it blends the horror and action elements of typical genres like this perfectly. Especially making use of different camera techniques throughout these scenes makes The Strain stand out against other horror shows like The Walking Dead and it’s counterpart. Not that they aren’t great shows, it’s just great to see the showrunners experiment with different styles to cement their turf, so to speak.

Whilst thematically, The Strain isn’t as steeped in existential character arcs and psychological analysis like The Walking Dead – it’s easily as fast paced and action packed than the dominating horror flick. It’s hard not to compare the two when they deal with similar types of virus’ and post-apocalypse’s. But this brilliantly scary mix of different horror genres proves that it can hold it’s own. And nonetheless, this first episode of the third season is a welcome return to the horror series that likes to frequently think outside of the box. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for us throughout the rest of the season.


8.3 A welcome return

The Strain is back, and we can't wait to see what else is in store for us.

  • Navy Seals 9
  • Satrakian and Quinlan 8
  • Eph's arc 8

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