Season 3, Episode 8.

The second part of the DC crossover week introduces us to the threat of the Dominators. Luckily, it’s a lot more crossover heavy than last night’s episode of Supergirl. In fact, that scene is included in The Flash this week. Right from the get go, this episode assembles this larger team altogether. And it’s truly entertaining seeing nearly the entire roster of DC TV heroes on the same screen together. This episode was a masterclass in how to truly show a combined universe. The aliens themselves look genuinely creepy, with the effects proving to be absolutely stellar for a tv series once again.

The bulk of the plot saw the Dominators arriving on Earth (again), and assert their dominance. (Sorry.) Like many crossover episodes in the DC TV universe, The Flash used it as an opportunity to pit hero against hero. It also showed just how impressive Supergirl can be when unleashed on everyone. We did wonder why Kara didn’t also ask Superman for help with an alien threat. Afterall, it’s something he’d be able to help with considerably. It plays out well though, and her personality certainly stands out with the rest of the team. She’s one of the heroes with a more light hearted approach to her actions, and this balances well against characters like Ollie, Diggle and Sara.

We can’t review this episode without mentioning the quite obvious inclusion of the ‘Hall of Justice’ from the comics. Since this is crossover event is essentially a combining of heroes – will someone come up with the idea of the Justice League? We hope so. The end of The Flash directly leads off for the next episode of Arrow, with a cliffhanger that will likely play into bringing back all the characters we’ve lost over the past 4 seasons. So far, this has been an excellent start to the crossover storyline (because the episode of Supergirl didn’t particularly count). We can’t wait to see where it leads. It’s hugely enjoyable to see the characters altogether – and the episode is rather well written. Make sure you tune into Arrow for the next part of the Invasion!

9.1 Awesome
  • Justice League? 9.5
  • Plot 8.9
  • Characters 9

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