Season 2, Episode 6.

Supergirl picks back up with this as there’s plenty of good things going on. Parasite debuted on the show, Alex came out, Mon-El’s really bloody interesting, and more. The only bit that dampened our enjoyment was James’ transition into Guardian. It’s a mess.

If you’re a fan of Superman and Supergirl you should know Parasite, you’d imagine Supes would have fought and defeated him already but we guess not. What has he been doing all of these years?! Supergirl’s had a lot of villains, and they’ve nearly all been forgettable, but Parasite’s an exception (visually, anyway). He looks cool, and he could be the best display of CGI we’ve seen in a CW DC show. Mon-El steps up to the plate finally to perform his first act of heroism, and it was enjoyable. Chris Wood’s a likeable actor, but his character isn’t a natural born hero – we’re looking forward to Kara showing him the rops, even if she’s still learning herself.

While Mon-El’s heroism felt right and natural, James’ didn’t. His character has felt out of place and forced throughout the entire season, and this episode was no different. We still don’t really understand his desire to become a vigilante, besides the fact he’s just a big kid who’s jealous of his friends who have super powers. Also, we despise how he’s suddenly a seasoned fighter. Last week he displayed a shaky level of skill, but he was kicking arse this week. It’s makes no sense, and we’re pissed off with him.

Melissa Benoist’s drunk Kara was incredible. It’s easy to forget just how great she is when there’s so much going on, but Benoist continues to remind us that it’s her show and she’s the star. The discussions regarding lesbians and other minorities that aren’t as welcome as straight people was lovely. This show really could inspire girls, and guys, of all shapes, sizes, and beliefs to be who they want to be. It’s an important message and it was sent properly.

We won’t say why, but we’re anxious to see what happens to Martian Manhunter over the next few episodes, too. No spoilers here folks!

8.5 Awesome

Supergirl bounces back this week with displays of heroism and a very important message.

  • Message to minorities 10
  • Drunk Kara 10
  • Parasite 9
  • James/Guardian 3
  • Martian Manhunter 9
  • Mon-El 10

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