Season 1, Episode 9.

Preacher is on the run. The whole town is either talking about him, or they’re after him. It’s an interesting idea of a holy character persecuted by everyone else… where have we heard that kind of story before? The writers are clearly having some fun with the messianic role that Custer slightly plays. Even down to finding God. But does he really need the big man in the sky? He’s got his own right hand in the form of Cassidy. And now that those two are back as chums once again, all is right in the world. Sort of.

But before we get to that, we have to talk about Emily. She’s been the most timid, boring character all season. But after she’s tasked with looking after Cassidy (he was trapped in Tulip’s house because he’s in full Vamp mode) – she becomes something else. We realise that she’s not as timid and boring as we thought. She’s undoubtedly clever. It’s a clever tactic, convincing the audience that she’s a pushover, to then show us how willing she is to find the good in people. If that means feeding someone to a hungry Vampire so he’ll be back to normal… so be it. We genuinely didn’t see it coming, and we’re glad that she’s finally become interesting.


Praise has to be given once again to Joseph Gilgun, who portrays Cassidy. As his animalistic performance throughout the episode was nothing short of impressive. And when he reunites with Preacher, their chemistry is instantly reignited. Their friendship is one of our favourite elements of the show. Speaking of partnerships, the two angels (Fiore and DeBlanc), finally make sense of the cryptic openings with the ageing cowboy. And boy, is it fascinating. It takes a few moments to sink in, but once it does – it tees up something spectacular for the show.

Obviously we won’t spoil what that is, but you’re definitely going to need to watch next week’s finale to see how it plays out. But it’s quite honestly a game changing ending. We can’t wait to see how the finish off one of TV’s most interesting shows of the year. Make sure you check back with us next week for our reactions and thoughts on the finale of Preacher Season One!

9.2 Game-changing

After that ending, we can't wait to see what they do with the season finale...

  • Emily gets bold 8.5
  • Jesse + Cassidy reunite 9
  • DeBlanc and Fiore's journey 10

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