Season 2, Episode 8.

Last week we heard about the mysterious Ghost, and this week we discovered that Unity had beaten him in 1967 – he’s presumed dead but, of course, he’s alive and surprisingly running a record shop in Los Angeles. Convenience at its finest. There’s one small problem for us though: we can’t decide whether he exists or not. Yes, Patrick has said so, but Janice’s letter insinuates that he’s a part of Patrick’s imagination. Either way, he managed to stab Kutter this week so things are pretty mental at the moment on Powers.

We’re still not really sold on Michael Madsen’s Patrick/SuperShock. His performance is alright but the character is strange, and the writers are yet to really flesh out his current mental state to help us understand him. To be honest, Powers had a tendency of using a characters power to move the plot forward instead of crafting a logical story.

Krispin, the very unlikable character, returns from the dead by using his power… which is returning from the dead. We’re not certain that there were any hints to this ever happening, so it just feels a tad out of place that he’d randomly come back into the picture. As far as we’re concerned, he could’ve (and should’ve) stayed dead. Here’s another incredibly vague sub-plot: Chaotic Chick. We see her as a zombie, and it’s not clear as to why she’s a zombie. Is it related to Krispin’s power? Is he imagining things? Who knows? The writers probably have as much of an idea as we do.

As always, Calista is pushed to the side. This episode saw her reconcile her relationship with her father. Woohoo, it’s such fun. We hope you can sense sarcasm. Her character never really adds much to the overall story.

Anyway, Christian finds himself dealing with headaches (yawn) and a rather unstable Patrick. His whole pain-in-the-head thing was only introduced last week and it’s somehow a huge point in the plot. Patrick, who’s bloody mental, is telling Christian that it’s down to a lack of focus – but can he really be trusted? This reasoning is incredibly open-ended, and gives no real definition or cause of the headaches. We imagine it’s related to his power, but we couldn’t really care less whether he gets it back or not.

The best bit of the entire episode was the tiny aside for Deena and Kutter. He’s a decent character and you can’t help but feel for him every time he’s shut out by the stone-cold Deena. Susan Heyward is becoming a great actor, delivering a range of emotions comfortably and embodying her role rather well. More Deena please, Bendis.

Let’s summarize our feelings quickly: this episode is strange. We don’t hate it but we certainly wasn’t on the edge of our seats. It feels as if the show will have to start using bullshit logic and pulling unfathomable amounts of twaddle out of their backsides to wrap up Season 2 in a decent fashion. To be fair, we’re still salty that the “Who Killed Retro Girl” mystery wasn’t used as the backbone for the whole season.

5.7 Alright

We're still salty that the "Who Killed Retro Girl" mystery wasn't used as the backbone for the whole season.

  • Random plot points 4
  • Deena and Kutter 8
  • Krispin's return 5

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