Season 2, Episode 6.

There was a date circled on Retro Girl’s calendar, and it was the last day she would live. We know now what it meant! Requiem is an hour full of death, and it’s also the most interesting episode of the show we’ve seen yet. Whether it’s Triphammer meeting his (sudden and nonsensical) death or Moody taking his last breath; this episode was good. Finally!

Death in abundance can be silly, but when each instance pushes the plot forward it’s actually rather effective. By the end of the bloodbath, there’s no mistaking who’s responsible for the death of Retro Girl. Questions are answered, but plenty of new questions arise by the end of the show – which is great writing! And great writing has been missing from this show through-out its existence, so things are looking up!

How do you defeat a villain with the ability to crush you from the inside with their mind? That’s the problem that the good guys are faced with; Heavy is going to be very tough to take down. He’s pretty much an unstoppable force; so it’s going to take some extraordinary Powers to do so. This is taken into consideration, so it’s satisfying that he’s only arrested instead of plainly killed off.

Triphammer’s end was sudden and abrupt, and it’s hard to digest it as everything unfolds so quickly. He made a point of reminding Walker of the good times they partook in, so we’re increasingly suspicious that sh*t is about to go down in the last four episodes. Zora and Martinez are using each other as emotional and physical cruthces; it’s a tad strange since they’ve not really interacted with each other too much but their chemistry is becoming undeniable.

Zora’s character development has been shaky but is shaping up nicely at the moment. We’ve found her really find herself and what she stands for, she’s matured, and she’s realised what it takes to be a hero. It’s nice that Martinez is there to support her in her full transition into a great Power in her own right. While Zora is on an up, Walker is on a down.

Walker found out that the date circled on Retro Girl’s calender; it was the day she’d hang up her cape and spend her life with Walker, powerless. Unfortunately, a Power needed to be killed to increase the stock of a company who sells commemorative merchandise. How grim. Right before Heavy killed her, Moody showed her the commemorative figure. That’s even grimmer. What a way to make money, aye?

We mentioned above that Moody is dead, though it’s quite hard to believe. In a world of Powers, anything can happen, so until we’ve seen proof we’re not going to believe it. Pilgrim actually shone in this episode, and we’ve not been a fan of her one bit (until now.) She’s forced to cope with death, huge changes, a new love, and standing up to the difficult partner that is Walker. Actress Susan Heyward proved she can act quite well, and pulled off a range of emotions in a convincing fashion.

Calista’s character is really suffering from not having a supportive partner to steer her in the right direction. She’s trying to live up to the unreachable legacy of Retro Girl, so she’s obviously going to face a lot of struggles – plus she’s still quite new to her powers. Overall, we’re happy with an episode of Powers for the first time! Bring on next week.

7.5 Good
  • Plot development 8
  • Death serving a purpose 8
  • Character development 7
  • Storyline 7

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