Season 1, Episode 10.

The sweary-titled tenth episode of Powers is the finale of the show’s first season. It marked the culmination of all of the overaching plotlines and even initiated a bunch of new ones for an eventual second season. Retro Girl has been our favourite element of the show all of the way through the season so seeing her unfortunate death was powerful. The end of the episode showed her laid on the floor in a puddle of blood, her throat was slit open and the words “Kaotic Chic” were written next to her. This is of course the branding of Krispin and Chaotic Chick, but was it them?

Zora’s fate was shocking. When she returned to battle Wolfe for a second time despite the outcome of the first fight, it never really seemed like it would end well for her. And it didn’t. We catch up with her at the end of the episode and she’s in a hospital bed, somewhat paralized, and she can only just use her power. It’ll be interesting to see how she develops in Season 2 after she’s proven she’s not as powerful as she once thought.

The demise of Wolfe happened earlier than expected. It took the Powers division, Calista, Walker, and Royalle to combine their efforts to take him down, and it was to be expected. But we didn’t expect Pilgrim to fire 10 shots into his chest and we definitely didn’t expect Royalle to decapitate him via teleport… Wow. We were finally shocked by the events of the show and it was an extremely surprising way to take down the big bad of the season! It’s a shame we really never cared for him or his agenda.

Wolfe’s powers were never distinct so we never knew what to expect what would happen in his fights, but then again we didn’t know the extent of the sway drug so they were equally unpredictable. Calista seems to suck (not literally) the powers from Wolfe, weakening him much the same as the drainer did. So, does she have his powers now? Is she an embodiment of Wolfe? It’s unclear but not particularly interesting enough to keep us on our toes for the next season – if it even happens. All we know is that she can fly.

Overall, Season 1 of Powers was messy and underwhelming but it improved towards the end. If it returns, we hope it can find its stride early on and play on its strengths.

7.0 Best Yet

Zora attempts to be the hero again as the Powers Division plan to take down Wolfe once and for all.

  • Wolfe vs Zora 8
  • Retro Girl's end 8
  • Team Effort 8
  • Calista's powers being unclear 4

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