Season 1, Episode 4.

Devil in a Garbage Bag throws Wolfe into the forefront of the show, with a decent first half that gradually degraded into mediocrity as it went on.

Wolfe escapes from prison and pretty much goes on a rampage, which seems to lead onto the next episode. The Powers division set out to capture and ultimately stop him, but they used the stupid Scooby Doo tactic of splitting up. This guy is well-known as a ridiculously powerful man who will happily eat them alive, so surely their power is in numbers?

The decision to split up marked the start of us losing interest, with Wolfe striking one-by-one in dark and dull hallways, where you can’t really see any gore or action taking place. Guess who breaks down again? If you guessed Walker, you’re correct. He’s made out to be this tough-as-nails cop who knows everything there is to know about Powers, especially since he used to be one, but whenever he’s in a tough situation he just cracks. This episode shone a light on the fact he always fails to kill Wolfe when he’s giving the opportunity.

The team had to lure Wolfe into the drainer devised by Triphammer, and it never actually seemed like it would happen. It’d really have taken them getting lucky for them to stop him, as there weren’t prepared and their so-called “plan” wasn’t planned out well at all. On a brighter note, the Calista hot potato situation was put on the back-burner in place of a solitary, isolated storyline that put a few main characters in grave danger.

Zora saw the Wolfe situation as a way to plunge her into the spotlight, but she didn’t really do much to help. We found out the origin of Sway; it’s extracts from Wolfe’s brain that had been converted into a drug. Royalle actually makes Wolfe stronger by doing this though as he’s making his healing power work over-time, which super-charges his powers for some (strange) reason.

6.0 Decent

Stakes are raised as Walker and Pilgrim are called upon at prison.

  • Wolfe 7
  • Sway's origin 7
  • Walker 4

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