Season 1, Episode 3.

We’re not sure where the show is heading, but the title Mickey Rooney Cries No More fascinated us going into the episode. Unfortunately the main focus was still on Calista, but the show is getting into the nitty gritty of the views on those with powers.

A non-powered guy called Triphammer is introduced, he has crazy armour and gadgets that allow him to fight bad guys with powers. He’s massively against those with powers and it makes for an interesting watch.

Calista can’t decide what she wants and who she wants to be with, flitting between her idol Retro Girl and the bad influence that is Royalle. Finally, this came to a close by the end of the episode, with a stand-off between Walker, Retro Girl, and Royalle where they all try to appeal to Calista and get her to join them. What has she done to be so desirable? Do they all just feel sorry for her? This is all a bit messy to us.

Wolfe makes another appearance, albeit a gruesome one – displaying his cannibalistic tendencies and expressing her desire to return home after being locked up for a good amount of time. We still have no handle on his superhuman abilities, and we fear he’ll just be held back until the last couple of episodes where Walker will get his powers back to stop his evil doings.

Walker and Pilgrim still struggle with their dynamics and chemistry, and they put in the night-shift when it comes to swearing for no f*cking reason. Hopefully the later episodes of Powers irons out these little wrinkles that let down the compelling elements of the show.

5.7 Messy

Walker and Pilgrim head to Royalle's club while inmates are experimented on.

  • Club setting 6
  • Wolfe gets hungry 7
  • Calista being centre-stage 4

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