Season 1, Episode 2.

After a shaky first episodePowers improve in Like A Power, but it definitely still isn’t perfect. There are plenty of inconsistencies when it comes down to tone and the dynamics between the two main characters, baring in mind only one of them is treated as a main character as the other just goes with the flow and adds a bit of input when there’s time to fill.

We were properly introduced to Retro Girl in Episode 2, as we only caught a glimpse of her in the pilot as she saved Walker and Calista from imminent doom. She actually played a prominent role in this episode, showing her human side as she interacts with Calista – who actually gets a lot more screentime that we anticipated. It’s safe to say the main storyline will revolve around her finally finding out her powers that she’s always talking about, as well as Walker presumably making a comeback as Diamond.

Another big focus this week was Johnny Royalle, one of the big bads of the show. His main involvement was revealing to everybody that he wasn’t actually dead (as everybody thought he was) and it didn’t go down too well with Walker. Royalle’s power is a lot like X-Men’s Nightcrawler, being able to “poof” out of one destination and landing in another – just his doesn’t look as cool and it makes a ridiculous noise.

Pilgrim, Walker’s partner, is supposed to be a main character though as previously stated, she isn’t treated like one. Her chemistry is on-and-off with her partner and she doesn’t really bring much to the show besides an element of danger as she’s almost always willing to walk into a situation without thinking of potential consequences.

The visual effects on this show are atrocious for the most part, and you can tell there isn’t much left in the budget for what we consider to be a big part of a “superhero” show. When you’re witnessing people with powers, you want to be amazed with what they can do. Instead, we find ourselves ridiculing and straight-up laughing at some of the things we see (Royalle’s younger self in an Antarctic setting was enjoyably bad.)

Overall, this episode is an improvement on the pilot episode but it’s still struggling to find some sort of rhythm. Retro Girl was a worthy addition and made for better watching, but she wasn’t enough to redeem the bad elements.

5.7 Shaky

Walker and Pilgrim hunt for Calista as the main cast use her in an extreme (metaphorical) game of Hot Potato.

  • Retro Girl 8
  • Walker and Pilgrim dynamic 5
  • Lack of rhythm 4

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