Season 1, Episode 1.

The very first episode of Outcast is downright creepy.

The opening four and a half minutes of Outcast really set the tone for the episode, taking something normal, and turning it on it’s head to freak the audience out. What makes the opening scene so memorable, is that it’s a very young boy who so violently squishes and eats a cockroach, plus eating the flesh off of his own finger. It borders on disturbing to see a child commit an act of savagery against himself that reminds us of an old-school horror movie. The Exorcist to be precise, there are very similar themes running throughout that callback to the 1973 possession horror classic.

The main story of the first episode centres on Kyle, a loner who lives in his childhood home all alone, and is remembered throughout the town as a man who was beaten by his mother as a child. And it’s also common knowledge that he supposedly hit his own child until his wife left him. The twist is that the people he gets close to end up becoming possessed by a violent, supernatural force. It’s by no means a series for the faint of heart, with it clearly being a brutal and unforgiving show. It definitely is brave in some of its’ choices, like the main character punch a possessed child repeatedly in an attempt to cast the force out. It’s certainly not family friendly that’s for sure.

What’s particularly interesting is the choice in protagonist, Kyle is by no means likeable whatsoever. He’s standoffish to those who care about him, he can’t maintain a conversation and he lives in an unruly state. We’re told via some exposition from his step-sister’s husband that he’s done something questionable towards that side of the family, but we’re not sure what. Whilst we’re sure to see what exactly he did in a future episode, what’s surprising is that we at no point see him become the victim of a possession. This likely means that he has some sort of purity or holy force surrounding him that this supernatural evil wants to corrupt.

We thoroughly enjoyed the premiere of Outcast, everything from the way it was shot to the opening credits was most definitely creepy and had us on edge at all times. A creepy new show that may become your new favourite horror satisfaction, and we expect nothing less from the creator of The Walking Dead.

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9.0 Brilliantly scary.

Without using gore as a scare factor, Outcast might just be your new favourite horror series.

  • Creepy possessed child 9
  • Being scary without use of gore 10
  • Unlikeable protagonist makes it stand out from the rest. 8

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