There’s been talk of Anna Kendrick and Stranger ThingsShannon Purser wanting to take on the role of Squirrel Girl, and it may actually be possible soon. If a report by TVLine is to be believed, the New Warriors are being developed as a television series and will feature none other than Doreen Green, better known as Squirrel Girl.

New Warriors are just one of many young groups in the Marvel Universe, but this particular team are described as the junior version of The Avengers. Sources have confirmed that the half-hour project is being shopped around to networks and streaming outlets, which is different to how Marvel TV have developed other shows.

It’s unclear at this point whether New Warriors would be developed instead of Damage Control, which was previously announced then not picked up recently. Damage Control was also an half-hour comedy, much like DC’s Powerless series which is on the way to NBC very soon (you can watch the trailer here.)

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