Season 2, Episode 5.

Wow, this was a deep episode of Lucifer. Chloe makes the decision to move on with her life after being in a serious car accident, and Lucifer takes his brother’s life – for the protection of his mother and Chloe, nonetheless.

It’s not that he particularly wanted to kill Uriel, but he was left with no real option but to do it. Uriel headed to L.A. to deliver his own take on what God would want him to do, but we don’t know what that is because God remains quiet. This is why Lucifer kills Uriel, though he was full of regret afterwards.

It was awesome to see Lucifer resort to going to his mum to sob about his actions, and it’s clear she can forgive him. But, will his dad? Will God forgive Lucifer for killing one of his brothers? Who knows! We imagine this’ll be a big theme going forward though. Nobody knows if he’ll get punished for it, and it makes things rather tense while allowing shit to go down at any point.

The case of the week was rather weak this time round, unfortunately, but it provided us with humour we wouldn’t get otherwise. We hope Lucifer and Dan really bond in the future, just imagining how strange and entertaining that would be is making us want it to happen immediately! Their love for Chloe will probably get in the way, though.

Amenadiel finally revealed about his loss of powers to Lucifer after weeks of deliberation, and what ensues is different to how we imagined. Amenadiel isn’t necessarily sure why or how it’s happening, though the return of mum seems to be the likeliest option.

8.3 Awesome

Things get a little deep in Episode 5 of Season 2, as Lucifer is forced to kill his own brother. Ouch!

  • Uriel 7
  • Lucifer protecting Chloe and mum 9
  • Amenadiel opening up 9

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