Season 1, Episode 8.

Unfortunately, Et Tu, Doctor? marks a step back for the show, just as it was starting to get into its stride.

I feel like Lucifer is at its best when it’s focusing on the titular character’s supernatural powers and mythology, and less so when it’s focusing on being a procedural police drama. It’s rare to find a show where the Devil comes to Earth and starts to experience human-like emotions, but the same can’t be said about case-of-the-week cop shows. I’d love to enjoy watching Lucifer, and the last couple of episodes were good as they concentrated on the show’s central characters.

Satan himself, Lucifer, is starting to realise he’s jealous of Chloe’s ex, Dan. Actually, he’s feeling a whole range of unusual emotions recently – including regret, for punching a hole in his therapist’s office wall. She’s helping him to understand his feelings and himself more, but he’s not too keen on that because he finds emotions an inconvenience.

Et Tu Doctor

It’s great to witness a character who’s so bold and self aware, especially to the fact he’s irresistible. Literally, the only female who’s never succumb to his pelvic sorcery is Chloe, and that’s exactly why he’s jealous of Dan, since they’re getting closer and proving to be quite the duo.

This episode spends a lot of time focusing on the murder of a marriage counselor, but it still felt like it was shoehorned in. They made it extremely obvious to deduce who the killer would be, which basically makes the episode pointless to watch. The show focuses on following the case-of-the-week format, but removed the most interesting character, Lucifer, from this week’s action. How did they think this would work? The only reason we put up with this show is because of him, so excluding him from the fun will never be a good idea.

After last week’s great episode, which had a lot to do with Amenadiel’s inclusion, they decided to not even include him this week. Besides that, Dan is actually a dirty cop and up to no good; giving Lucifer a legitimate reason to dislike him beyond pure jealousy.

5.3 Disappointing

After a solid couple of weeks, Lucifer takes a big step back into a realm of disappointment and boredom.

  • This Week's Case 5
  • Amenadiel's Absense 2
  • Tom Ellis' Performance 9

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