Season 2, Episode 4.

It’s a Halloween special! Alright – it’s not quite – but there’s zombies and it’s close to October 31, so it’s close enough. Civil War zombies sounds like the next instalment of Call of Duty rather than The CW’s latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, but we’re not complaining. It works, for sure. 1863 is the time, and Mississippi is the destination. The Confederate army are hit by a zombie plague, accidently, by a time pirate.

Finally, an episode that makes use of all of the great characters! Often we see heroes benched and/or sidelined because their powers make the mission too easy, though the show masks this reasoning with a temporary sub-plot. Well, Abominations demolishes that. Jam and Amaya work together undercover, Sara and Nate went on their own mission, and Ray and Stein had their work cut out for them with Mick was hit with the plague.

These interweaving subplots worked rather well as it gifted watchers more than just watching these characters kill hordes of zombies for an hour. There was emotion, enjoyment (for us, not so much them), and quite poignant moments (such as Amaya and Jax witnessing slavery).

Nate’s stepped in for Rip and he’s a much better character, no matter how you look at it. He’s more interesting, he’s funnier, he brings a more positive dynamic to the team, and he’s just a nice guy. Ray’s become fascinating for us now he’s suffering with the feeling of inadequacy due to his lack of suit. We’re sure they could just travel to the future and muster together a new one, but the show’s letting him brew on it for a bit.

Overall, this was an enjoyable – and surprisingly dark at times – episode for the Legends as they take on something we’ve definitely not seen before: Civil War zombies. This episode doesn’t do anything to push the larger plot for the season along, and that’s strange since the first couple of episodes were pushing it along nicely. You’d think the show would want some momentum going forward into the next episode, but this was still a great watch.

8.5 Great

DC's Legends of Tomorrow hit Mississippi in 1863 and have to fend off hordes of Civil War zombies. Yes, it's as great as it sounds.

  • Strong, dramatic character arcs 9.5
  • New characters fitting in 10
  • No tie-in to overaching plot 6

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