Season 2, Episode 2.

We’re happy to say that this show is on the upwards trend going into Season 2. Legends of Tomorrow had it’s ups and downs in the first season – as you can understand – but it really feels like the showrunners have found their feet now. This episode continues with the more adventurous and fun feel, and it benefits from it greatly in terms of entertainment value. Oh, and it introduces the Justice Society of America. No big deal…

There were heroes and vigilantes long before Oliver Queen decided to do the hood, and these guys are proof. The Justice Society were fighting for good all the way back in World War II, as we see Rex Tyler (AKA Hourman) return with his team: Vixen, Commander Steel, Obsidian, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Stargirl. Seeing these two teams butt heads and finally meet was great. As you’d expect, they don’t see eye-to-eye until their interests align as something bad happens. The battle scene between the two groups was a personal highlight of the episode, without a doubt.

We also see a new version of Vixen join the team since the actress Megalyn EK (who played Mari McCabe in Arrow and the animated series) wasn’t available to reprise the role. Her grandmother joins the Legends instead, and she seems like a good choice. The writers waste no time in pitting her in a romance with Ray though, and that’s rather worrying given the woeful relationship drama in Season 1.

Nate meets his grandfather, fitting into the theme of legacy that the JSA bring with them. Nate’s a good character and this episode helps in giving him some more depth and room for development. It feels like an origin story for Nate, finally showing him gaining powers and making way for Citizen Steel to come into fruition. Yet again, we just love seeing the Legends barge through time causing mischief, and that’s why this season is working so far. Season 1 proved it worked when they visited Jonah Hex, so we’re much happier now that they’re sticking with this formula. We know they’ll be tied into taking on the Legion of Doom towards the mid-season, so we’re enjoying this while we can.

The team decide on a new leader, and it’s no other than Sara Lance – which we see as a very fitting role for her character. This gave Stein a much-needed knock on the head and reminder that things aren’t always as simple as making a rash decision, though he should be smart enough to know that. Overall, this show is on form and we’re surprisingly optimistic about the rest of Season 2: there’s plenty to look forward to.

9.0 Awesome

DC's Legends of Tomorrow finally meet The Justice Society of America, but will they get on or come to blows?

  • Justice Society of America 10
  • Legacy theme 9
  • Citizen Steel 10
  • Visual effects 7

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