Season 1, Episode 16.

Just like that, Legends of Tomorrow has already wrapped up its first season ever. It wasn’t a consistent outing though; the bads were ridiculous and the goods were bloody awesome, the show started to learn towards the end of the season about which bits were good, and which were not so. The finale was perhaps the best showcase of how good the show could be, leading us beautifully into its already-confirmed season season.

Savage hasn’t been a great villain at all, partly due to the acting and partly down to the fact he’s not actually mortal, nor is he very threatening. Savage’s death needed to be epic to really put a nail in the coffin, but it didn’t deliver – he felt like a plot device throughout the episode. That’s not to say it wasn’t satisfying to watch him getting beaten up though, especially at different three points in time at once! The team split up across time to take him down and it allowed each and every member their moment in the spotlight.

Big fights aside, the most interesting parts of the show included amazing character dynamics and hard-hitting, emotional dialogue. Legendary felt like the culmination of all of the character development before it and topped it off amazingly. The team are taken back to 2016 by Rip, as we see them adjust back to their “normal” lives and struggle to do so as they hadn’t taken down Savage. This let emotion run high and set a distinctive tone that lead into the battle with Savage perfectly. Rip’s arc seemingly reached a conclusion, or rather, he’s finished with one chapter of his life and is ready to start another. He realises he’d rather live and honour his family’s memory.


Mick has a (final?) reunion with his old partner and it was one of the best parts of the entire season, it was entirely effective and really topped off an already-great episode. It acted as a great farewell to Snart, though we already know he’ll bounce around the DC shows that are on The CW, so it’s not the last we’ll see of him.

Kendra and Carter, yet again, are a drain on the show. They are boring characters, who should be extremely interesting since they’re vital for the team’s success, and it’s down to how they’re written. They’ve been given an uncertain future and it became extremely obvious that the writers got a bit lost when it came to the characters – no wonder Kendra won’t return in Season 2. The show has needed to drift away from the Hawk mythology since it began and we’re now excited for the next season knowing that the team will be focusing on something more interesting.

The show introduced an extremely exciting character; Rex Tyler, also known as Hourman. He arrives from the future, warning them in a vague fashion and revealing that he’s a member of the Justice Society of America. This means the Arrowverse has taken a big step forward into the rich world of DC Comics, we’re now (finally) being introduced to the original superhero team. This is going to make it very difficult to wait until later in the year when the show returns, but it’s sure to have us buzzing in the meantime.

9.5 Amazing

Legends of Tomorrow finished on a high note. The finale beautifully played on the character development of the past 15 episodes and truly delivered!

  • Battles 9
  • Individual character moments 9.5
  • Second season setup 10

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