Season 1, Episode 13.

The final episode of Season One ended on a pleasing note, even though there were a couple of strange parts left unanswered – probably for Season Two or The Defenders.

Claire Temple, the wonderful woman who came to Daredevil’s rescue many times, had an unusual amount of screen time in this episode. Nevertheless it was great to see the character again and for a direct link between JJ and Daredevil to be made. She’s definitely going to be the MCU’s version of Night Nurse! Anyway, her help is enlisted to save the life of Luke Cage, but finding a place where he can be injected proves quite difficult!

We got even more horrific Kilgrave action, having his own father killed and dismembered by another person – he later sends a large group of people to take on Jessica. Oh and we find out that Hope’s fetus did end up being imperative to the storyline, which we thought seemed really odd earlier on in the season; it was used to amplify Kilgrave’s powers.

The final confrontation between Jessica Jones and Kilgrave is epic. Jessica entered the building with headphones on and her head down to avoid his control, leading to the amazing revelation that it’s actually Trish. Cops end up shooting at JJ, and Kilgrave orders a bunch of innocent civilians to kill each other – this all ended with an incredibly dramatic stand-off.

It was satisfying to see the end of the season revolve around the two sisters, Jessica and Trish. Kilgrave intended to take Trish away with him, which would have been sure to send JJ absolutely crazy. The most captivating part of the entire show involves the word “smile”, but we won’t ruin what happens, you need to see it for yourself. All we shall say is that the good side prevailed.

The show ended with Jessica still believing the worst in herself, sticking to the tone that has been present since the start, but maybe that can change with the inclusion of Luke in her life. This Season ended on an emotional note, with yet another chilling voice-over regarding her stance as a “hero”. We think Jessica Jones as a series is the best thing Marvel has ever produced; adding to their great roster of Netflix heroes. 10/10 from us!

9.4 Amazing

The brutal but satisfying conclusion to Marvel's best effort yet.


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