Season 1, Episode 3.

The third episode includes sex. And not just a little bit of sex, shit tonnes of it. We’re obviously used to seeing scenes of a sexual nature in many other television shows but need we remind you that this is a Marvel show? The thing about these scenes is that they don’t feel cheap or unneeded, it shows JJ and Luke Cage developing their relationship and completely figuring each other out. It also demonstrates how difficult it can be to have sex when you both have superhuman strength.

They briefly explain to each other how they got their powers, JJ’s powers are from an “accident” and Cage’s from an “experiment”. We learn a big, bad secret Jessica is keeping from Luke Cage – she killed his wife! Yeah, she was under Kilgrave’s control but it’s still a huge deal that she’s the reason he’s suffered so much pain and loss. In fact, the secret is such a burden on JJ’s conscience that she breaks off their “relationship” by the end of the episode.

A significant character in the series is introduced, a cop called Will Simpson. He arrives at Trish’s high-security apartment, manages to talk his way into her home and then attacks her; luckily she has been taking self-defence training so she can fend him off for a while. Just when things are looking really bad for Trish, JJ saves the day by using her brain as well as her brawn. JJ intelligently follows Simpson back to Kilgrave’s location, kind-of-not-really reintroducing the hero and the villain for the series.

JJ has to fight her way through the building, easily taking care of each and every ‘possessed’ person that got in her way. Later on, she used Malcolm’s drug addiction and exploited it so she could get her hands on an anesthetic that could knock Kilgrave out – stopping his powers. This shows that she doesn’t mind betraying and using people she knows to get what she wants.

Hope spoke on Trish’s radio broadcast, which is the reason that Kilgrave sent Simpson after her. Instead of making the public aware of the fact Hope is innocent, Hogarth was manipulative and turned the whole thing against Hope, making her seem, quite literally, insane.

Jessica is quickly becoming more worried and paranoid that Kilgrave is out there and after her somehow, leading wonderfully into the next series of events in the upcoming episodes.

9.2 Gripping

This show is grim and creepy in a very good way, especially when Kilgrave is involved.


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