Season 2, Episode 10.

Whilst iZombie had us convinced that Major and Blaine were cured completely, it turns out that all is not well after last week’s rat revelation, the pair will soon revert back to their previous zombie state. Uh oh. Will that mean that Vaughn DuClark will have to strike another zombie from his list? It’s an interesting dynamic, considering that Blaine and Major hate each other, to pair them together in this mutual threat of zombie-ism. It’s like they love to hate each other. Whilst it makes for interesting screentime, iZombie never actually pays any of it off, as the search for pure Utopium ends up bust.

Then there’s the ‘Murder of the week’, which gets a little self-referential as they investigate a murder on a Zombie tv show… right. Although, after last week’s poor episode, it definitely seems like some of the writers have taken a break at this point, since they recycle a plot from every single ‘whodunnit’ style show/film that’s ever been made. A prop gun gets switched for the real deal, causing one of the actors to get blown away for real on camera. Wow. Like we haven’t seen that before. It started out as an interesting take on the zombie genre, but iZombie is becoming super stereotypical.

We can’t say we cared about a single one of the characters involved in the murder plot, we spent the entire episode waiting to see more of the Major and Blaine plot. How have the iZombie writers gone from making us care so much about Liv and the usually extremely well written ‘Murder of the week’ to wanting to skip the entire thing purely for the other characters? They definitely need to rectify that soon, otherwise plenty of people will start tuning out.

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7.0 Average
  • Major and Blaine dynamic 9
  • Zombie High 5
  • Spy Major 7

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