Season 1, Episode 10.

Well folks it looks like our rule about TV law adds another fatality to it’s list. Just as liv and Lowell were becoming so close to being a great couple – Blaine shoots it down. Quite literally. In the head. It’s a shame, because as a couple they were progressing quite well. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. This can only mean that Liv will most definitely be out to stop Blaine for good.

To distract herself, Liv throws herself into her work… and down a bottle after a new set of brains. We finally go back to the over-arching plotline that an energy drink company are covering up Zombie attacks because their product makes one in 1000 people turn beserk. This drives Liv to ferociously go after the company, because she obviously has such a personal connection, being a Zombie herself afterall. This is where the episode takes a turn, it becomes a corporate espionage drama, complete with hitman. That’s one of boastful qualities that iZombie has, it’s got no issues with playing around with different genres. And when it’s done properly, it works eloquently.

We feel a little sorry for Major, he keeps getting drawn the worst card in history. Fiance dumps him, the teenagers he looks after get murdered, he’s the victim of a Zombie home invasion and now he’s convinced he’s crazy and is planning to commit himself to mental institution. Poor guy. It’s like the writers have it in for him, he’s a good character and just keeps getting beaten down.

Emotionally, it’s a difficult episode for Liv. She’s dealing with Lowell’s death, the brains of an alcoholic and on top of all the corporate espionage. It’s a testament to the character that she’s even still standing. Funnily enough, this probably isn’t the hardest challenge awaiting her.

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8.1 Awesome
  • Corporate Espionage 8.5
  • Lowell Death Confirmed 7.9
  • Major's breakdown plot 7.9

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