Season 1, Episode 9.

So after the cliff hanger on last week’s episode of iZombie, Liv narrowly avoids Blaine as she comes out of the elevator that goes up to Lowell’s apartment. And we see her struggling to come to terms with the idea that Lowell doesn’t care about the teenage brains that he’s consuming. It’s an interesting twist in their relationship, one that you wouldn’t find in any other drama. Which is one of the reasons why iZombie is so enjoyable, because it’s so unique. She becomes distant after their argument. Especially after she eats some brains herself.

Liv becomes a PTSD ridden soldier after he’s shot by a sniper in a paintball game. Talk about taking the game too seriously. It’s an interesting storyline, dealing with a couple of social issues that are extremely relevant in todays society. However, it turns Liv a little colder and tactile when dealing with normal people, even those with whom she’s affectionate towards. Which actually works in her favour when Lowell undertakes a grand gesture to prove that he’s in love with her.

When Major pulls on another thread regarding brains, he’s letting himself in for something fierce. He certainly gets thrown in the deep end after a home invasion involving a Zombie, and he may or may not have given Clive the impression that he’s crazy. How long before Major is let in on the secret about Zombies? Or Clive for the matter. We feel a little sorry for Clive, he’s supposed to be a Detective, but yet he still believes that Liv is a psychic.

We see Liv take the boldest decision she’s made all series as she decides to take Blaine out. To say in episode 1 she was quiet, timid and wouldn’t hurt a fly – she’s come a long way. It’s great to see that the writers have devoted time to the evolution of her character. When she enlists Lowell as her partner in crime for taking him out, things get hairy. After a botched assassination attempt, we get yet another cliffhanger. We’ll give the writers credit on that too, they certainly know how to leave us wanting more.

It’s easily one of the most enjoyable episodes of the series so far, and we’re dying to know if Lowell survived or if Blaine just used a warning shot.

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8.2 Awesome
  • Soldier Liv 8
  • Major pulls on a thread 8
  • Cliffhanger 2.0 8.5

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