Season 1, Episode 7.

Episode 7 brings along a side to Liv that we haven’t quite seen yet. So far on iZombie, she’s been relatively unreachable in terms of her emotions. Whether that’s because she’s undead or not is another thing entirely. When she eats the brain of a murdered pregnant woman, her maternal instincts are heightened exponentially. It’s a bit of a gimmick that allows the actress to play with different roles and emotions each episode, but it’s becoming ever so slightly boring on that front. Aswell as the ‘Murder of the week’ trend, we’re now also getting ‘Brain of the week’, and it’s becoming a little tedious.

Whilst it’s funny to watch Liv fuss over Ravi,  or get broody around babies, we’re still itching for that Blaine sub-plot. It seems like he’s just trying to take over the city, but could there be more to it? There’s plenty of Zombies under his command now afterall. If we’re honest, we’d prefer it if the series revolved around Blaine a little more, he takes the backseat a little too often. He’s one of the most interesting aspects of iZombie, it’s just a shame they’re not utilising him as well as they could.

Although we did get a touching scene between Iiv and Lowell, as they have a night in together. Unfortunately it can’t get as heated as they’d both like since Lowell has just eaten the brain of a gay man… oops. There’s some wonderful chemistry as we see them both just being friends and at ease with one another. But we can’t help but wonder when this will all go wrong, as it’s almost TV law that when a character’s happy, it’s going to get taken away from them.

We actually really enjoyed the final confrontation between the murderers and the police, it was well shot, showed the Police Captain in ‘Full Zombie Mode’ and was surprisingly violent. It shows that when iZombie makes the effort, it can be very impressive.

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7.5 Awesome
  • Liv + Lowell 8
  • Major (in) Trouble 6
  • Final confrontation 8.5

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