Season 1, Episode 6.

We’re really starting to see the ramifications of Blaine’s actions at the start of this episode. His mistress kills a delivery boy who was sent with brains for her to chow down on, and we can’t help but wonder why no one has raised the alarm bells about all these people going missing. Wait, hang on, yes we do. In the previous episode we find out that someone has turned Clive’s boss, the chief of Police, into a Zombie. How convenient for the bad guys. This is no doubt going to cause some trouble for Liv, Clive and Ravi unless they can develop a cure. It does raise the question though, who isn’t a zombie right now?

Considering Major was primarily just the original love interest for Liv, we’re actually starting to like the man. Whilst his naive attempt to go find Jerome ended with his face getting pummelled by a Zombie, he clearly cares about helping the teens deeply. It’s a great slice of development to a character that could’ve quite easily been very two dimensional. Clive starts becoming involved with the missing teen case after a decapitated 18 year old is brought into the morgue. In fact he nearly ends up on the chopping board when he gets too close. We really hope he teams up with Major to uncover what happens when Blaine/The Candyman gets a hold of them. Although we’re a little concerned as to how Liv might fight against him, considering he seems to have a limitless supply of henchmen. Hmm.

We get a little more information on Lowell and what his story is, and thank god they cast a British person to play him instead of an American putting a posh accent on. We’re not quite sure that we could’ve dealt with that if we’re honest. But their unofficial date/dropping by was sweet, unfortunately we can’t help but wonder if Lowell has some kind of hidden agenda or if he’s connected to Blaine.

It’s an entertaining episode, and it manages to hit the right emotional beats throughout, but it’s not exactly oscar-winning material. Although we’re happy to see Liv finally become aware of the impending sub-plot that’s coming for her.

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7.5 Awesome
  • Major's development as his own character 8
  • Lowell and Liv 8.5
  • Is everyone a zombie? 6

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