Season 1, Episode 4.

We can’t help but feel that there’s not much of the graphic novels that the show is based on actually included in the episodes. Whilst the original content focused on a girl named Gwen, the show has Liv. And whilst the two look the same and deal with some of the same issues – apart from that, there’s almost next to nothing from the comics rather than the occasional nod to them. For example, Gwen’s job is as a gravedigger, hence her supply of brains. The most obvious reason for some of the content being cut is budget restraints, as the comics feature some very supernatural stuff like ghosts and were-wolves (and were-terriers), which are notoriously expensive in CGI. We do appreciate all the DC Comics shout-outs in the series though.

Remember when we mentioned that we’d like to see some development on Clive’s character? Well low and behold we got it. When Liv eats the brain of a triad member, she sees Clive giving a beating on someone for snitching. Nevermind ‘Good cop, bad cop’, it could be more like ‘Bad Cop, dirty cop’. We discover more about his personality, a bit of a loner but also can’t help but get close to those who might hurt him most. But ultimately, Clive’s a good cop. The most annoying part of the episode? Liv proudly stating (in the middle of a street) that she knows Kung Fu, and then continuing to fight a triad member with her new moves. A very cheesy and unnecessary scene. American TV just can’t get away from stereotypes eh?

Blaine’s moved in with a wealthy client, and it looks as if he’s moving to super-villain status. The weird thing about Blaine is, he is definitely despicable, but he’s also very funny. He has some fantastic one-liners, but he’ll say them after organising a mass-brain delivery service. Annoyingly, we have to find out his plan via some blatant exposition from two dumb henchmen. Lovely. Liv and Ravi continue to have the fantastic back-and-forth dialogue that really makes the core of the show. But we’d love to see some back-story on Ravi, if man with a name like Clive’s got a shady past, then surely the writers could give Ravi one too?

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6.9 Awesome
  • Different to the Graphic Novel 5.3
  • Clive's Backstory 9
  • Weird Kung-Fu scene 6.5

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