Season 1, Episode 3.

Three episodes in, and it seems like there’s a third zombie after two teenagers play around in an abandoned warehouse, as they always do. It was a little cheesy because it was blatantly obvious there was a zombie in the hole when they heard a strange noise. When Liv and Ravi investigate, it’s actually Liv’s friend Marcy who’s been missing for five months. She’s in ‘Full-blown-zombie-mode’, and then some. In fact, she looks similar to the walkers on The Walking Dead. Is this what could happen to Liv?

Ravi is a little naive when it comes to dealing with Marcy, especially when Liv wants to put her out of her misery. It’s probably a sign that he’s a character with wholly good intentions, which hopefully means we’ll never see Liv and Ravi come against each other in one way or another. Blaine is clearly going to become the protagonist of the series, as he and Liv come to a disagreement over the supply of brains she’s been giving him. He also seems to be kidnapping homeless teens, but to what end? It certainly seems like he has no problems with morality.

Whilst Liv eats the brain of a hitman, and becomes somewhat emotionally unavailable – her ex-fiance has moved on. Obviously. And the audience is kind of expected to dislike him, since he has a new girlfriend who can be seen in a Facebook video. But in his defence, she left him and has messed his head around so much we’re surprised he doesn’t have whiplash.

Whilst we get a little more character development on Ravi this episode which was nice to see, Clive is still a two dimensional role. All we see is the job he does, but apart from that we don’t see much else. What else can Clive bring to the table?

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7.0 Awesome
  • Lack of Clive's development 5
  • Crazy Zombie in a well 9
  • Hitman Liv 7

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