Season 1, Episode 2.

So in the second episode we see Liv trying to find the other Zombie, Blaine, from her vision in the first episode – and it’s the very same Zombie who turned her. When he turns up in the morgue (undead though, not proper dead) the dynamic between them is brilliant. Swapping zombie tales and what they call each other’s “Full on zombie-mode”. It’s these types of witty writing that make us have faith in the series, and make it stand out from the rest. Whilst it’s clear that the rest of the series will be a ‘Murderer of the week’ type serial, they’re at least making them interesting, throwing us twists and turns for Liv and Detective Babineaux to overcome.

One of our favourite things about the series so far is how much it reminds us of Buffy, and not in a copycat way. The dialogue in iZombie is snappy, fast and chock full of pop-culture culture. Is it a Buffy for a new generation? We start to see a sub-plot developing through Blaine, as it looks like he wants to take over the Seattle drug trade using his new zombie powers. Will Liv have to face off with him at some point or will he quietly fade into the background?

Another breath of fresh air from the episode was the fact that they don’t treat Liv’s ex like a bumbling buffoon, he’s repulsed and taken aback when Liv decides that after six months of shutting him out she wants him back. His reaction is perfectly reasonable, but the writers could have quite easily taken that and made it into a stereotypical, romantic rekindling of their relationship. Two other questions we still have however, is why are the zombie’s hair platinum white? It’s something that we haven’t found out yet, but it’s possible we never will.

Also, why does nobody they interact with freak out at how pale and dead they look? But you know, kudos to the iZombie make-up department.

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7.3 Awesome
  • Buffy-Style witty dialogue 8
  • Zombie-Friends 8
  • Unreasonably white hair 6

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