Season 1, Episode 1.

On the surface, the pilot episode of iZombie looked incredibly average, but the final product was actually pretty entertaining. Olivia Moore becomes a Zombie after going to a boat party that coincides with the breakout of a brain fiddling drug called Utopium. As you do. It works almost like what comes after that big finale in any zombie film, how the survivors deal with it all. She wakes up and realises that her whole world will never be the same again, she quits her dream job, loses her fiance and becomes a recluse.

Throughout the episode we see that the show doesn’t treat it’s characters as stupid, her colleague/best friend works out that she’s a Zombie before the actual series even begins. Obviously, like any pilot – the storyline isn’t massively complicated. It demonstrates to the audience that when Liv goes for a prolonged period of time without eating a brain, she turns into “full-zombie-mode”. However, when she eats brains, she absorbs the memories of the deceased. This is where we hope the show doesn’t stumble.

Liv somehow manages to get involved with helping solve the murder of a dead girl, by convincing a detective that she’s actually psychic. It’s a really weak link to bridge the two focuses of the series together, zombies + murder solving. We really hope that the rest of the series isn’t just focused on a ‘Murderer of the Week’, since there’s so much room to play around with various themes and ideas. We do have the romantic angle that will no doubt play out until the end of the season, will she stay single or could she make him a Zombie too?

Whilst it’s not exactly an Oscar-winner, iZombie is funny, charming and extremely witty. You could say it’s a no brainer.

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8.0 Awesome
  • Witty dialogue 8
  • Unique concept 8

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