He’s like an Iron – Man… wait, that’s taken.

Iron Fist is a show that’s currently in development by Netflix, and will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe… yay! He’s going to be the final piece of The Defenders team puzzle (we’ll explain properly later). The show will air after the Luke Cage series, this unfortunately means waiting till 2017. The Disney CEO has also said that if the series is successful then he’ll green-light an Iron Fist film, interesting. It’s going to be the fourth Netflix/Marvel series, as Daredevil proved hugely popular, and Jessica Jones premiering later this year.

The Iron Fist series is going to revolve around Daniel Rand, a young man who has the ability to focus his ‘chi’ to give him mystical power. This will probably be the small-screen equivalent of the upcoming Doctor Strange film, introducing mysticism into the Netflix shows. Danny Rand travels to the mysterious city of K’un L’un with his family, but before they can get to there – his father is pushed off a cliff by a jealous business partner and a pack of wolves kill Rand’s mother. He is then taken in by the elders of the city and trained in the way of the ‘Iron Fist’. Now in the comics, he fights a dragon and plunges his hand into it’s heart, Indiana Jones style, and gets the power via that. Since the MCU and the Netflix shows seem to be more grounded, don’t expect to see any dragons.

Whilst Netflix haven’t revealed any specific details on what we’re going to see during the series, we’ve come up with a few ideas in which they might direct the series.

Iron Fist goes after his Father’s killer

We know that this will be an origin story, so we can already guess that we’ll see the Rand’s searching for K’un L’un, and the killing of his father by Harold Meachum, his business partner. It’s possible that Meachum will be the villain of the series, with Iron Fist searching for him throughout, in a similar way that Matt Murdock was chasing after Kingpin in Daredevil.



During the Civil War comic, Rand poses as Daredevil to pass away any suspicion from the media and the public on Matt Murdock. If the events of Captain America: Civil War spill over to the Netflix series, it’s possible that we could see something similar. But since the series comes out in 2017, we don’t particularly know when in the timeline it takes place, before or after any of the films. It’s almost definite that we’ll see the other Netflix characters in the series though, as it’s the final one before The Defenders mini-series.

iron_fist_v2_by_uncannyknack-d7pzp0bSteel Serpent

Davos the Steel Serpent is the exiled son of Iron Fist’s mentor, Lei Kung, and is also a master of martial arts, and has sometimes beaten Rand in hand to hand combat. He is able to absorb the power of the Iron Fist through his dragon tattoo… obviously. In a similar way that Marvel makes all their villains have similar powers to their heroes, the Steel Serpent is Iron Fist’s arch-nemesis. He also looks very similar to Iron Fist, and their two costumes being a variation of each other.


We’ve got a lot to look forward to in the MCU, and at the moment it seems like the Netflix shows are a huge part of that. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if The Defenders showed up somewhere in Infinity War against Thanos. Unfortunately we won’t see Danny Rand don the Yellow mask until 2017, so they haven’t announced any casting yet. But for now, we still have Jessica Jones, Daredevil season two AND Luke Cage to look forward to before Iron Fist.

Something else you want to see on Iron Fist? Let us know!


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