Iron Fist Season 2 was tentatively put into development after the incredibly lacklustre first season which left many fans calling for its cancellation while complaining about Finn Jones’ Danny Rand A.K.A. The Immortal Iron Fist. And when it was announced the Marvel Netflix series would be getting a second shot, many fans (ourselves included) really didn’t see the point. However, this is almost a completely different show – largely down to the replacement of previous showrunner, Scott Buck, with Raven Metzner. And this was definitely for the best.


The second Season starts with Danny Rand defending his neighbourhood as a brutal Triad gang war breaks out, while also dealing with the insidious machinations of his brother from K’un L’un, Davos. On top of all that, he’s moved in with his girlfriend, Colleen Wing – who has also given up her own style of vigilantism. Fair to say, Danny’s spinning plenty of plates. And his arc across the ten episode-season is a definitive trial by fire that ultimately leaves him in a significantly more powerful place than before, but not how you might think. Finn Jones’ performance as Danny Rand has come on in leaps and bounds since his first appearance and subsequent role in The Defenders. This is a man who’s using his powers and vigilantism to fill the void within himself, since he was stranded in K’un L’un following the death of his parents in the plane crash. He may still be hotheaded and fairly immature, but he’s written far better than he was previously. Plus, if you were hoping to see that iconic yellow face mask, you’re in luck.

Iron Fist Season 2

But while it might be called Iron Fist, the two standout characters in the show are undoubtedly Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. Misty Knight proves once again that she’s one of the best heroes within the Marvel Netflix shows while Colleen has the best character arc from start to finish. She begins as a retired vigilante, and ends up in a truly incredible position. She was always the best part of the original series, her role intensified during The Defenders and Iron Fist Season 2 is no different. But the standout moment for us is seeing Colleen and Misty fight a trio of mysterious tattooists in their shop – it’s fantastic Their collective stories definitely leave the doors wide open for a Daughters of the Dragon series, and if the tease from Misty is anything to go by, the villain could be Luke Cage himself.

Iron Fist Season 2

But in terms of the supporting cast, Joy and Ward Meachum also have their own stories that twist and weave in with Danny’s that actually adds a considerable amount of depth to the siblings compared to their 2-D characters in the first go around. However, the villain of Iron Fist Season 2 is somewhat disappointing. Davos falls into the category of a Marvel villain with the same powers as the hero – which would be fine if the writing of his character was as intricate and layered as it is in the first 6 episodes. At the beginning, Danny’s relationship with Davos is at breaking point, the two are locked into two mindsets – between doing what’s right for the world, or following destiny’s path. And seeing them grapple with those subjects – both verbally and physically, makes for great television. But during the last 4 episodes, Davos tumbles into a generic angry villain role – with no real emotional weight behind him.

But the one character (or characters) we’ve yet to mention is Mary + Walker, two separate identities living in one body, both played with superb surgical precision by Alice Eve. She’s hired as a private investigator by Joy Meachum, before it becomes apparent that she’s not quite in control. Alice Eve’s performance is astounding, as the separation between the two identities is obvious – but not heavy handed. Comic fans will know that she’s playing Typhoid Mary – a Daredevil villain. And although she’s one of the most captivating characters in the show, she wasn’t used in the main main plot as much as we thought she would, which was slightly disappointing. Mary/Walker are in plenty of scenes, but she’s there either to help and/or fight. They’ve only just scratched the surface of her story. Since it’s very clear that the Marvel Netflix shows are definitely not done with her, it’s very likely that we’ll see her cause trouble in Daredevil Season 3 or something further down the line.

Iron Fist Season 2

Essentially, fans that were put off Iron Fist because of the terrible first entry (and with good reason) should definitely give the second season a go. Everything is improved on, the writing, the fight choreography, the character development and of course the teases for future parts of this story. The ending of the final episode leaves Danny Rand in a truly interesting place that leaves the Iron Fist open to a world of possibilities. We’re genuinely excited to see what comes after this.

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7.8 Huge Improvement

With fully fleshed out arcs, characters heading off in innovative directions and a much needed revamp of the fight choreography - Iron Fist Season 2 is a huge improvement on Season 1, and we're loving it.

  • Plot 7
  • Character Arcs 8.5
  • Fight Choreography 8

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