Everyone’s favourite villain will appear on Gotham at the end of this season it seems. Harley Quinn recently appeared in Suicide Squad, and now she’s getting another live-action outing. Obviously, it’s not going to be Margot Robbie. But we’ll see Harleen Quinzel in some form as the season closes out according to the producer, John Stephens; “We might see her in Episode 22”. Although it’s worth pointing out her introduction is being described as a ‘precursor’ character. So it might not be the Ms. Quinzel we all know and love to begin with.

Some speculated that Barbara might turn into Harley Quinn given her crazy, trigger happy, madness loving nature. But, there you have it, the Clown Princess of Crime will be appearing in a way on Gotham. Supposedly, her role will be a “launching point’ for the fourth season. Does this have anything to do with the re-emergence of Cameron Monaghan’s Joker-like Jerome by any chance? Only time will tell.


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