Season 6, Episode 5.

Game of Thrones picks up this week with Sansa finding Littlefinger, and rightfully gives him a piece of her mind about his actions of the previous season. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and we have no doubt that she would watch Brienne cut Littlefinger down without a seconds thought. She’s come a long way since Winterfell – and she’s become a lot more formidable now that she’s out for revenge with Jon.

Various storylines are starting to become intertwined, and a prime example of this is Euron Greyjoy’s plan to take an Ironborn army over to Daenerys, to back her in the claim for The Iron Throne. Everyone is suddenly clambering for an army, that there seems to only be one outcome. War. These are plotlines that have taken years to come to fruition, but we think that they’ll pay off immensely by the end of it. Although Euron seems a little bit more cut-throat than we’d like, intending to murder his niece and nephew – seemingly just to cement his role as King of the Ironborn. Considering this is the second time we’ve met Euron (the first time, he murdered his brother), it’s easy to conclude that he’s not exactly trustworthy.

Speaking of Daenerys, she welcomes Jorah the Andall back into her company… again. These two are off and on faster than Tyrion can drink. And when she orders him to find a cure, he’s gone… again. It’s slightly repetitive, but at least now they’re on good terms. Tyrion tries to keep the balance in Mereen by seeking a High Priestess who worships The Lord of Light… unfortunately it’s not Melisandre, but you could be forgiven for thinking as much – she’s dressed the same, with a similar neck piece. Will she turn out to be old and frail too?

Game of Thrones reveals one of the most interesting pieces of information about the White Walkers during this episode, Spoiler warning:

Game of Thrones' ultimate bad guy: The Night's King The White Walkers were made to combat men thousands of years ago as they cut down trees and decimated the lands of the three eyed raven. Unfortunately, the three eyed raven and the children of the forest couldn’t contain the Walkers and thus we come to this situation. The White Walkers are one of the most interesting and viscerally fantastic features that Game of Thrones has to offer, and the finale of this episode was unbelievably tense. We finally understand why Hodor can’t say anything but Hodor – Bran wargs into him during a vision of the past so that he can help them in the present.

When The White Walkers attack the three eye raven, Meera, Bran and Hodor try to escape. As Meera is shouting “Hold the door!”, the young Hodor in the vision goes into a fit and shouts the same until “Hold the door” starts to become broken down into “Hodor” as he’s still in a seizure. What this effectively means is that Bran caused Hodor to become the brain damaged gentle giant AND that he can sort of time travel. To add to this, Hodor is ripped to shreds in front of Bran and Meera. Oh dear. It’s probably going to have a very detrimental effect on Bran, giving him some kind of guilt complex to deal with for the rest of the season. How will this effect the rest of Game of Thrones season six?

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9.5 Brilliantly Tense

With one of the most tense scenes in the shows' history, this is another top notch episode.

  • Intertwining Plot lines 9.5
  • End Scene/Hodor Reveal 10
  • Badass Sansa 9

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