We were invited to ‘The Mutant Lounge‘ run by FOX in promotion of their new series, Legion, in association with Marvel Television. And let us tell you, we were blown away. But lets get straight to it, is the show worth watching?

Unequivocally. This series feels somewhat like a blend of American Horror Story: Asylum and Jessica Jones with some LSD thrown into the mix. And we loved it. The clear stand out star is Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, The Guest). His performance as David Haller is nothing short of stunning. The show paints him in various mental states, and it’s genuinely fascinating just to watch him perform – let alone the incredibly intriguing storyline occurring around him. Once his telekinetic powers become apparent, anything could happen – and he truly becomes a wildcard.

The style and visuals of Legion feel like a blend of 70’s chic and modern art – and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It doesn’t feel like it’s leapt off the pages of a comic book. But instead feels as if it’s a wonderfully insane piece of art. Every shot has something unique that is impossible not to notice, and adds to the fantastic flair of Legion. It’s clear that whilst we’re only just scratching the surface of the character – the series has a lot more in store for us later down the line.

The actual storyline feels a little confusing, since we aren’t one hundred percent sure what is happening and what isn’t. But that adds to the upside-down dynamic of the series. It brings a little mystery whilst watching the events unfold, second guessing everything in case it turns out to all be in David’s head. This is the thinking man’s comic book series – and isn’t afraid to be confusing, bizarre and bold.

We were lucky to attend ‘The Mutant Lounge‘ alongside a few familiar faces to promote the event – and it turned out to be a truly intriguing night. With mutant bartenders and hosts scattered around the Century Club in London, we couldn’t help but become immersed in the world of Legion. Thanks to FOX and Pretty Green for inviting us! If you’re looking for a tantalising escape into the mind of a mutant, this is the one for you.

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Celebrities visit The Mutant Lounge, the world’s first bar staffed by mutants with superpowers, to mark the launch of LEGION on FOX this Thursday 9th February at 9pm!


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