Season 2, Episode 13.

The latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead pulls on the heartstrings. It also proves that it doesn’t always need to included the undead themselves for the series to be truly riveting. It’s an example of this show at it’s finest. We’d be disappointed if this series doesn’t get any awards over the next year. It really raises the bar on how good these characters can be when they truly want to be. And whilst on face value, it’s a zombie thriller series – below the surface it’s so much more. It’s a lot more characterised than it gives itself credit for.

It uses a clever narrative device by flashing back as Travis explains to Madison why Chris isn’t with him. And it truly sets father and son apart after Chris decides to break off and be his own man. However this clearly isn’t the best decision that Chris has ever made (not that he seems to have made any good ones). But it’s clear that Chris was one of the weaker elements of the series – so this will probably be beneficial overall. This sub-plot is more about how Travis will react to his son leaving him.

He’s clearly on somewhat of an emotional journey at the moment, and it’s great to see that the writers aren’t afraid to flesh out other characters. Speaking of which, we do get a shock reveal behind a key moment in Madison + Alicia’s past, and it’s clear to see how raw and upsetting that it has on Alicia. When Fear The Walking Dead manages to get an emotional character arc right, they absolutely nail it on the head. If anything, this episode has proved to be more emotionally compelling than the first season entirely. But it’s a pleasure to see them building on the first season substantially. This may be the point where Fear The Walking Dead becomes your new favourite show.


9.2 Emotional

The show proves it can be more than a two-dimensional zombie series.

  • Emotional 8
  • Plot 9.5
  • Character development 10

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