Dolph Lundgred, the action star known from his roles in Rocky IV, The Expendables franchise, Universal Soldier and The Punisher, will star in Season 5 of Arrow! He wil play the head of the the Russian mob, known as the Bratva, in a bunch of flashback sequences involving Oliver Queen.

Season 5 is the last year where flashbacks will play a part, so we have to assume we’ll see Oliver’s rescue towards the end. We don’t know whether the flashbacks link into the storyline from the present day, but this part of Oliver’s mysterious past has been the most anticipated since the show began.

The producers of the show have been busy casting new vigilantes, heroes, and bad guys for the upcoming season. Joe Dinicol, Chad L. Coleman, Madison McLaughlin, Tyler Ritter, Rick Gonzalez, Carly Pope, Cody Rhodes, and Josh Segarra have all joined the cast. It’s speculated that Colton Haynes will return as Roy Harper so keep an eye out for him! Arrow is said to be returning from its grounded roots after Season 4 dealt with magic and mysticism, much to the distaste of most fans.

Arrow is set to return on October 5th, on The CW.


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