Season 2, Episode 12.

Stick is training a young girl to fight, much the same as he trained a young Matt Murdock. It turns out it’s a flashback of Elektra as a 12 year old, the age when she took her first life. It flashes back to the present day, she’s strangling Stick to death until Daredevil intervenes, saving his tutor. Elektra warns Daredevil that if he gets in the way of her killing Stick, she’ll kill him too.

Nelson and Murdock are officially no more, Foggy has taken up an offer from another law firm and leaves their apartment. We’re almost certain that the best friends will kiss and make up by the end of the Season; it’d certainly be a surprise if that isn’t the case. It may sound like Karen would be out a job after the disbanding of the company, but she’s spent a lot of time at the paper the late Ben Urich worked at and takes on a role there.

Karen is writing a profile on Frank Castle, who everybody is presuming dead, so she heads to his old Commanding Officer’s house to ask some questions. Things go south and he points a gun at her, forcing her to drive him somewhere – this journey doesn’t last long as Frank smashes into the side of the vehicle in a jeep, almost killing his old Officer. He takes him into his tools shed where there’s any weapon you can think of, as well as a protective vest that’s got a distinct skull-like shape to it!

Stick gets captured by The Hand and is being tortured with sharp sticks put through his fingertips… ouch. Even then, he remains strong and awaits the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to turn up and save him. Elektra turns up, throwing a spanner in the works. Just as she’s about to engage in a fight with Daredevil, Nobu turns up with some assistance.

Remember us mentioning a mysterious weapon known as Black Sky earlier? Elektra is told she’s the Black Sky, and it resonates with her to the point where she’s about to embrace what she thinks is her destiny. Daredevil gives her one last chance to side with him when they’re surrounded by warriors, and she makes the right choice – helping Stick escape and taking down the opposition on their way out.

Nobu and Daredevil have what I’d like to call Round 2, which went very differently to the first round in Season 1. Daredevil barely gets touched, landing so many punches it’s unreal. When Nobu regains his barings, Daredevil has disappeared. This episode ends on an alarming note: “Daredevil. Must. Die”.

9.1 Outstanding

Things are getting tense as we approach the final episode of Season 2. The Punisher finds a weapon stash, Daredevil & Elektra team up and we still don't know who/what is in the box! We're in for an action-packed finale.


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