Season 2, Episode 5.

10 years ago, Foggy looks exactly the same and Matt has a different haircut with a shaven face. Besides that, this is when Matt met Elektra for the first time. Elektra is an old girlfriend who had very questionable ways, and not much has changed. This beloved Marvel character is played by Elodie Yung, who much the same as Jon Bernthal as The Punisher, is spot on casting.

This episode is full with fun flashbacks that give a real insight into their past relationship and what ultimately tore them apart, leading to their huge differences in the present day. This version of Elektra is perfect so far, blending two very different character traits and making them work: lethal and vivacious. She’s in love with danger and doing things she knows she isn’t supposed to do, meaning she was a bad influence on Matt – whether he knew it or not is a different matter.

From using a sparring session as foreplay to breaking into buildings; Elektra isn’t your usual woman and that’s why Matt finds it so hard to stay away from her, even with his blossoming romance with Karen. She took him into his father’s killers home unknowingly and tried to force Matt to kill him. Much like the Daredevil we know and love, he didn’t do any killing and opted to call the police. In the time he turned around and dialed 911, Elektra had killed his fathers murdered and fled the scene in silence.

She makes him a very different person to what we’re used to – he’s usually level-headed, sensible and mature. But when he’s with her, he’s breaking the law on a regular basis. He’s a lawyer and he’s breaking the law, where’s the sense?

Elektra seemed to genuinely enjoy the sight and thrill of violence, as when Matt was beating the guy’s face to a pulp, she was physically elated and joyous. This makes us think she’s a very dangerous woman and that there will be some amazing combat coming in the next few episodes.

Of course, she was back for a reason; a reason that wasn’t revealed right until the last couple of minutes of the episode. She grabbed the attention of the Yakuza, and planned her return into Matt’s life as a way to start a war between this deadly group and Daredevil. It was a shame that the episode ended just as she suited up ready to fight, as this show usually delivers the goods before ending.

This episode not only served as an introduction for Elektra, but it fleshed out the some-what mysterious past of Matt Murdock and showed what made him into the fighter that he is today.

8.5 Incredible

Elektra arrives and lures Matt back into trouble... well, it's fun to her.


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