Season 2, Episode 4.

Amazing is an understatement forĀ Penny and Dime, there were so many advances in the story and outstanding performances; especially from Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. It seems as if this could be the last we see of The Punisher in this season, but the chances of it are slim (thankfully).

Now, we didn’t learn the full story of Frank Castle but we got a good look into his motivation and we saw him in a different light. His daughter was his life and he had an unbreakable bond with her, and things ended up with him holding her lifeless body. We suddenly don’t seem him as a psychopath with murderous tendencies, but more of a grieving father on the extreme path for revenge. He explained to Matt in a long, heartfelt speech at a graveyard about his amazing relationship with his daughter and it was truly touching. Bernthal’s performance was second to none.

Matt and Karen finally move closer together after some subtle hints in Season 1 and not-so-subtle hints so far in Season 2. She decides to walk him home in the pouring rain after partaking in some shots at Josie’s Bar, and they end up smooching passionately. They agree to go to dinner together the next day but something tells us it isn’t going to go to plan – maybe an old flame of Matt’s will rudely appear soon?

An Irish mobster takes it upon himself to capture and kill Frank after the death of his son. This led to a torture scene and captivating rescue mission for Daredevil. The next part is where our comic book nerd side really came out; Daredevil and The Punisher fight side by side to take down mobsters in a classic team-up and it was amazing. Truly amazing. Daredevil even stopped The Punisher from killing – will he ever learn?

It’s easy to understand why this show is rated 18, Finn takes a shotgun blast to the face and The Punisher gets a drill through his foot. But it doesn’t really on violence to hit the viewer hard, it’s the dialogue and actions of the characters that carry the most weight. The Punisher gets taken in by the police and Daredevil tells Brett Mahoney to take credit for it, showing that the police force are in control and order is back in Hell’s Kitchen.

Matt goes back to Melvin to pick up his new gear; including a fortified carbon-tube helmet that is near-indestructible and alloy gloves that are sure to pack a punch. This episode was genuinely perfect and we even got to find out the reason behind “Penny and Dime”… we really cannot fault this episode at all.

Oh yeah, Elektra turned up at the end too. No big deal or anything.

9.9 Perfect

The best episode of Daredevil yet; the best performance in every category.

  • Character Arcs 9.9
  • Actor Performance 9.9
  • Fighting Sequences 9.9
  • Dialogue 9.9

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