Season 2, Episode 3.

To say Daredevil spends most of the episode chained up on a rooftop, a hell of a lot went on. The Punisher is calmly stitching himself up as he tells Daredevil that the only way he’ll be free is if he allows it. The Punisher explains that he feels what he’s doing is necessity he’s doing “what’s required”. He doesn’t feel bad about killing dozens of men, in fact he feels like it’s his duty to cleanse the streets of these criminals and wrong-doers.

Whilst Matt spends his time on a rooftop, Foggy finds himself at a hospital. Don’t worry, he’s not hurt – he is searching for Claire. Perhaps this mean Foggy fears that Matt will keep getting himself in trouble and require more than just painkillers and a lay-down on his sofa. He explains to Claire that he’s worried about his best friend and he’s not sure where he is, but Claire is certain she’s doesn’t want to get involved again – Matt’s too complicated for her. Anyway, she gets involved in a fair bit of action is it is… she was just helping Jessica Jones by saving Luke Cage’s life in a rather unconventional way.

The Punisher comes up with a cute little nickname for Daredevil, calling him “Red”. I can really see these two partnering up and kicking some arse once they’ve cleared the air and found some common ground that they can both agree on. The Punisher explains what he’s doing isn’t all that different, he states: “I think you’re a half measure, I think you’re a man who can’t finish the job, I think that you’re a coward”. The line that hit us the most was “You’re one bad day away from being me”, showing that Frank really doesn’t think there’s much difference between the two of them.

Daredevil gets knocked out and a gun taped to his hand. Punisher has brought a criminal up to the rooftop and the only way for Daredevil to stop him from being killed is if he shoots The Punisher himself – which we all know he’d never do, he’s big on redemption and second chances. Eventually, Daredevil breaks free from the chains but he’s too late, the criminal is shot and left for dead.

Yet another fight breaks out between the two after The Punisher shoots the motorbike, which sees theĀ Dogs of Hell gang making their way up the building that the vigilantes are on top of. Daredevil knocks The Punisher out and carries him to an elevator, before taking on the biker gang.

This is where things get bloody amazing; this is obviously a fight scene to rival Season 1’s hallway sequence. Daredevil fights his way through another hallway in a brutal fashion, utilizing the chain that is locked and wrapped around his left arm. After plowing through the thugs in the hallway, he makes his way to a long flight of stairs where he faces a plethora of unworthy opponents. Daredevil shows great stamina – beating people up left, right and centre for a long time. This scene showed great resilience and the makings of a kick-ass hero.

9.2 Amazing

With a fight scene that easily tops the hallway scene in Season 1 and the return of Claire Temple, this show is only getting better.


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