Season 1, Episode 11.

The Path of the Righteous practically serves as a lay-up to the final couple of episodes forĀ Daredevil Season 1, Matt is trying to rebound and get back to his best in preparation for his final fight. He unfortunately bids farewell to Claire, he finds his way to a simple-minded Melvin Potter in the search of an armoured suit, and the show gives him a much needed episode off from fighting.

Karen was back to her best in this episode; she was finally given the attention she deserved – attention she’s not quite been gifted since the pilot episode. Deborah Ann Woll brings a great complexity to her character, and plays her wonderfully – it’s been fun to watch her investigations with Ben Urich as the show’s developed. We’re expecting fatalities for main characters in the last couple of episodes, and this episode teed it up perfectly. Wesley finds out that Fisk’s mum was visited, so we’d guess either Ben or Karen (or both) are destined to meet their end soon.

We thought this show was falling into the damsel in distress trope that many shows and movies opt to use, but they turned it on its head with Karen shooting Wesley in unexpected circumstances. This seems to be a turning point in the show, and it’s great that the show isn’t afraid of having strong female characters.

9.2 Exceptional

This episode explores Matt's physical and emotional struggles as Karen is given some time to shine. We're ready for the final two episodes!

  • Karen and Wesley 9.5
  • Matt and Claire 9
  • Matt vs Melvin 9

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