Season 1, Episode 10.

Things needed to slow down after Speak of the Devil, and this episode brought the goods. Nelson v. Murdock let us take a breather from the action and chaos, we needed to process the results of what happened Рespecially after binge-watching the show for hours on end. Foggy gets to grip with the fact that his supposed best friend has been lying to him since the very first day they became friends.

Foggy seems an understanding type of person in normal circumstances, so we feel he wouldn’t take long to come round to Matt’s abilities. It’s the lying that hurts and angers him, he’s normally a cheerful and charismatic bloke, but as soon as he finds out about the deceit, he switches up and we really feel his pain (Elden Hanson does a spectacular job of playing this character, who could be really bland.) You have to remember they’re not just friends, but they’re business partners too. But for how long?

This heart-to-heart episode felt like a direct call-out to Matt’s double life – showing there really is a clear divide as to who he is at day, and at night. The performances in this episode were stunning and we’re aware that it’s getting towards the end of the season, so will the duo stay apart or will they forgive and forget? Somehow we think not.

8.7 Awesome

Nelson v. Murdock sees two best friends come to a (possible) end of their friendship and partnership. Will Matt retire as Daredevil?

  • Flashbacks 9
  • Performances 9
  • Story development 8

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