Season 1, Episode 9.

Even though every single episode has been bloody spot on, there’s still been a couple of stand-out episodes – and yes, Speak of the Devil is one of them. It feels like it’s the episode when you think of the comic books, the legacy, and the story. This episode is full of everything great about the show; the conflict between Matt and Fisk, struggles with spirituality, amazing fighting against a ninja (Nobu, wearing a Hand costume.)

Fisk uses his battle smarts; using Matt’s devilish anger against him and coming out on top because of it. We knew what was coming, but the suspense building up to that point beats any attempt of a surprise – we knew Matt was walking into a trap and was about to collide head-on with danger. Despite knowing the outcome, there was still a twist that we wasn’t expecting – and it’s the fact that huge battle wasn’t the closing sequence (and not even the best fight), as Matt takes on Fisk to no prevail. Fisk almost absorbs his attempts of taking him down, taking every punch and not seeming fazed at all!

Matt was discovered by Foggy, finally. They’re best friends and Matt has kept this secret very tightly sealed, but when he’s pretty much dead he doesn’t really have a choice. To be fair, he’s concealing his identity to save Foggy, but it was very satisfying to see him finally figure it out. The stand-out scene in this episode isn’t the bloody fights or big twist; it’s the slow and tantalizing conversation between Matt, Vannessa and Fisk in a gallery.


9.3 Outstanding

Merciless conmbat and spiritual struggles make this the best episode of Daredevil yet!

  • Nobu fight 9
  • Foggy development 9
  • Matt's internal conflict 9
  • Fisk development 10

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