Season 1, Episode 6.

If the season was split in half thenĀ Condemned would serve as a perfect mid-season finale, ending with Fisk killing police on camera but making it seem like Matt was the murderer. The tension in this episode kept building until the main characters finally met, with Fisk and Matt finally conversing – this moment feels very special as the characters have been built up insanely since the first episode.

It seems like Fisk has put an end to the masked vigilante, as his mind games start to prove too much for Matt to handle. This leads to him confessing to Claire that she was right about him, and urging her to stay far away from him. Matt is literally the most interesting person ever; he’s a man of law in the day and a dangerous vigilante at night; these two personas carry their own dilemmas and storylines that just clash perfectly. If he can’t defeat Fisk with his fists, then he’s always got the court room on his side.

Matt and Vladimir have definitely become enemies over the first half of the season, so it was really powerful seeing them team up to fight for the greater good. Whether it’s Matt reviving Vlad, or Vlad helping Matt escape by sacrificing himself, this episode provided amazing team moments that proved entirely satisfying. The villains inĀ Daredevil get treated well, just as well as the good guys, so it makes it all the much better to watch – that’s why the show is more than just your usual Marvel project.


9.3 Amazing

Condemned turns Vladimir and Matt into allies, and allows Matt and Fisk to meet for the first time - only for Fisk to make Matt look like a psycho cop killer.

  • Matt and Vlad team-up 9
  • Villains treatment 9
  • Matt and Fisk meet 10

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