Season 1, Episode 5.

Fisk and Vanessa enjoy their second date, watching their beloved city burn… as you do. Their relationship could never be described as typical; they’re both intriguing and powerful people in their own right, and it’s a pleasure to watch them grow as a couple.

Matt discovers a couple of crooked cops, utilizing his powers for good by superbly hearing them discuss whose turn it was to kill a bad guy who offered up Fisk’s name – they even made it seem like it was the bad guy who tried to kill them. All in all it was a very clever scene and throws up the question of who can be trusted in Hell’s Kitchen. Matt’s powers become even more known to the audience too, with Claire finding out that he could taste the air when there was blood in it, and he even heard her bones moving when she breathed. We even got a look through Matt’s version of vision, seeing hisĀ world on fire view.

We mentioned Fisk and Vanessa went on another date together, but they weren’t the only couple to do so. Foggy and Karen, who have been pushed aside thanks to his relationship with Claire, decide to venture off together whilst helping an elderly woman find justice. Despite how close they’re growing, Karen’s still visibly interested whenever Matt’s brought up, specifically when his taste in women is mentioned.

Fisk and Vanessa’s date offered a huge insight into their relationship and personal agendas. This episode was hugely relationship driven and smeared in violence – just how we love it.

9.0 Awesome

World on Fire is hugely relationship driven and smeared in violence - just how we love it!

  • Fisk's second date 10
  • Crazy ending 8
  • Matt and Claire 9

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