Season 1, Episode 4.

In The Blood is the best episode so far, and that’s saying something. There’s something about this version of Wilson Fisk that’s incredible; he’s an absolute beast of a man and he’s proven he has an attitude, but he’s an awkward mess when around Vanessa. You never expect to see a villain on a date, and it shows the writers are really spending time to flesh out Fisk so we truly get a feel for who he is and what he’s about.

Episode 4, for the most part, focuses on the bad guys. Claire finds herself captured by the Russians and beaten, until Matt arrives and does he what he does best: he fights his way out of the situation. He shows that he’s skilled but he’s still vulnerable, taking out a full garage of goons and feeling it afterwards.

To say we were expecting a full romantic sub-plot concerning Matt and Karen, we’re entirely mesmerised by the relationship forming between Matt and Claire. Karen’s been busy though, working with Ben Urich to find out more about Fisk and his follows – it’s difficult though as they don’t know that it’s Fisk they’re after; nor do they know they’re after the same thing as Matt.

This episode featured the most brutal scene to date, and it included Fisk crushing Anatoly’s head with a car door… over and over and over again. It was bloody great, quite literally. This scene delivers the news that this show isn’t holding back with gore, but rather waiting for the right moment to include it rather than using the shock factor all of the time. The contrast between Fisk at the beginning of the show compared to the end is incomprehensible and entirely interesting – bring on Episode 5!

9.4 Amazing

Wilson Fisk shows what he can do as Matt sets out to Claire.

  • Fisk and Vanessa's date 9.5
  • Matt saving Claire 9
  • Car door... 10
  • Villains taking centre stage 9

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