More and more Marvel series are on their way on various platforms, and this includes the upcoming Cloak and Dagger show. The series is in development to premiere on ABC’s Freeform platform, and we now have some new activity!

Marvel are currently dominating the box office and streaming giant Netflix, and they’re having success on ABC with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so they’re hoping to replicate their good fortune on Freeform with a romance-driven superhero drama.

The working title for the project is aptly named Shadows, which is a very obvious nod towards the skillset and powers of Cloak. A working title indicates plans to shoot the series, which is freshly rumoured to commence in this upcoming February!

There’s no revelations on casting or exact storylines just yet, but these advancements are a positive signs that more news is on the way. Stay tuned to Heroes Direct for new developments as they happen!


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